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Dwayne MundleSpecial Mix simplifies his love of reggae music by his actions, both on and off the microphone. His natural gift of reading the needs of his listeners and music buyers, allows Special Mix to take his fans on a musical journey of emotions. Special Mix once said "Music is not owned by anyone person, but by a collection of emotions and memories of many". This belief has allowed Special Mix to deliver over thirty years of musical passion and involvement. From managing a reggae band and an RnB band in the UK and only in his teens, to running successful community radio stations in London and Ipswitch, Special Mix knew that a successful artiste needed all the media bases covered to make it big. Arriving in Canada was his next project, to build a reggae industry that would rival any other. Creating Explorer Records and gaining a world wide Number One hit with Marvia Providence "Hear My Cry Oh Lord", was another feather in the hat of this musical genius.


O'Neil WilsonHere is just a snapshot of the musical accomplishments Special Mix has acquired on his journeys

- UK - Teenage RnB Group "Shades": One of the first Boy / Girl teenage bands in the UK

- UK - "X-Rated 103.5fm": One of London's most consistent community radio stations in the 90s

- Canada - "Explorer Records" - Was the biggest independent black owned recording company / label in Canada

- Canada - "Marvia Providence - Hear My Cry Oh Lord" Explorer Records - Producers of the number one selling album "Shabach" with the most sold and played Caribbean / Gospel song to date.

- Most in depth radio interview ever recorded, (3hrs) with the legend "Bunny Wailer". World Exclusive interview with "3 The Hardway", Bunny Lee, The Scientist and Jah Life.

Press Info

- Reggae Xclusive - (Canada) Writers Award Article

- News Talk 93fm (Jamaica) - Radio Presenter

- Special Mix Media - (Canada) Owner

- English Pound Radio - (UK / USA) Part Owner and Presenter


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"Radio Shows and Events"

Catch Special Mix playing the latest in Dancehall and Reggae music on some of the top media stations around the world. Mixing and Interviewing the legends and new comers in the industry.

Upcoming Events

- Date: Fridays - Time: 10pm (E.S.T) Location: World Wide - www.englishpoundradio.com

- Date: Saturdays - Time: 3am (G.M.T) Location: Accra / Ghana - www.lensradio.com

- Date: Mondays - Time: 8:15am (Jamaica Time) Location: Kingston / Jamaica - www.newstalk93fm.com

- More Events T.B.A.

Artiste Information


- Special Mix Media
- Tel: (Toronto) 647-887-7787
- info@specialmix.ca / www.specialmix.ca


- Special Mix Media
- Tel: (Toronto) 647-887-7787
- info@specialmix.ca / www.specialmix.ca

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